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Stackable Wine Glasses Mean You’ll Never Serve Zweigelt in a Jam Jar Again

Who has room for a set of 12 wine glasses? You do.
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Photo By Emma Fishman

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There was a time when I hosted, I say like an elegant octogenarian, gathering my grandchildren around me by the fire. I’d have friends over for sit-down coursed dinners, raucous weekend house parties, and everything in between. Wine would flow. There was only one problem: No one living in a New York City apartment has room for more than eight wine glasses. Where would I keep all that extra stemware? My Regency-era china cabinet, next to luncheon plates and a soup tureen? And so the first guests to arrive (or the ones I thought least likely to break my Schott Zwiesels) would receive grown-up wine glasses, and the rest would get whatever was available—tumblers if they were lucky, chipped coffee mugs if they weren’t.

By the grace of Anthony Fauci, I will host again in 2021, and this time, I’m prepared. These Bormioli Rocco wine glasses have a ’70s Italian modern vibe that makes me want to sip Franciacorta in my sunken living room. Chunky with vertical sides offset by rounded curves, they call to mind Massimo Vignelli’s iconic Heller dinnerware except they’re made of hefty tempered glass. I own a set of the somewhat coupe-shaped 8-ounce glasses—technically dessert glasses, according to the manufacturer—which are perfect for effervescent pét-nats and olive-garnished spritzes. If you’re looking for something more the size of traditional stemware, they also come in 9.5- and 11.75-ounce versions. They’re remarkably sturdy, so I can throw them in the dishwasher or hand one to my clumsiest friend (you know who you are) without fear of chipped rims or snapped stems.


But the best part about these glasses is that they stack, and not in the way that my mismatched Tupperware kind-of-not-really fits together. These glasses nest snugly so you can carry four at a time without fear of them toppling over, and when they’re not in use—which is often these days—they take up minimal real estate on my kitchen shelf, one on top of the other like a tower of acrobats.