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Rosti  is exclusively distributed by PortStyle Enterprises , Inc. in the USA

 About Rosti

The Danish design icon, the Margrethe bowl, is indisputably the best known product in Rosti's range.The Margrethe bowl was designed in 1954 by Sigvard Bernadotte and Acton Bjørn's studio in Copenhagen, and it is named after the Danish Princess Margrethe. More than 25 million bowls have been sold worldwide, in a range of colors and sizes.

Rosti is much more than Margrethe bowls. The iconic mixing bowl has a big family that focuses on functional value, contemporary colours and a long-lasting quality with up to 5 years guarantee. The range consists of dinnerware made of durable plastic, kitchen utensils, measuring jugs, mixing bowls and much more.


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