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DEGRENNE, the specialist in the Art of Tableware
With panache, humour and elegance we improve your way of life, because every second can be an opportunity for emotion. We add a touch of style which makes life less ordinary. A pinch of boldness that makes the moment memorable. We are DEGRENNE. Together, we improve the Art of the Moment.

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Degrenne Holiday Twist Newport Gift Set

Newport Twist Gift Set. The whisky set is composed of two crystal glasses and one crystal carafe. Stackable, adorned with an elegant cutting. 


Degrenne Newport Twist Gift Set
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About Degrenne

Degrenne has a long history, dating back to 1948 when our founder, Guy Degrenne, gave new life to armor-plating of tanks left over from the battle of Normandy in 1944.

This recycled steel was used to produce the very first matrices for stainless steel cutlery, and innovation in itself.

Through the years, Degrenne added to their catalog with introductions in porcelain, ceramic, and stoneware dinnerware, as well as glassware, hollowware, banquet and novelty items like the Illusion cup..